Lisa Snowdon weighs in on getting her ‘mojo back’ after anxiety battle

Lisa Snowdon finally sets the record straight about what it’s been like to finally get her mojo back

Lisa Snowdon on how to get her mojo back after battle with anxiety

British 2006’s Next Top Model star Lisa Snowdon just got candid about her struggles during perimenopause and the anxiety that comes with it as a result.

She intervened in everything while talking to Near magazine.

During that time she admitted: “Now I feel positive, really.” Although “I have been guilty of putting holes in myself over the years.”

At this point I thought “some of the things I used to worry about now seem like a waste of energy. “My perspective has changed to a feeling of gratitude.”

“It’s not about giving up on your health, it’s about being kind to yourself, being proud of what your body has done for you, and accepting that you don’t look the same as you did when you were 25,” because you’re not that person anymore. ”

“When your hormones and your sleep go haywire, it has a big impact on how you feel. But you control it and you can start looking and feeling good again,” she also added.

For those who don’t know him, this attitude arose after his personal struggles in which “I had such dark days that I thought, ‘If this is what my life is like, then I can’t do it,'” it mainly happened because “I felt so lonely and confused.” “I didn’t recognize myself.”

Before concluding, she also offered some insight into perimenopause itself, admitting, “During perimenopause you’re more likely to crave things like pastries and coffee, and it becomes a complicated downward slope” and “I had no control over my cravings.” .Drank too much coffee and then ate a packet of cookies.

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At the end of the day, “it’s about listening to your body. When night sweats are keeping you awake and you’re hitting the wall in the middle of the afternoon, coffee isn’t the best idea.”

“I know that coffee also affects my anxiety; if I’m anxious, an extra cup is not what I need,” she also added before signing off.

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