Lose 35 kg by eating only one thing in breakfast, you can lose weight by having this breakfast

Tips From Real Life Weight Loss Journey: If you are struggling with the problems of irregular lifestyle and due to increasing weight rapidly, then you can learn from Kriti Gupta of Faridabad. Kriti Gupta, 28, became so serious about her increasing weight that she has now become an example after weight loss. Due to excess weight, Kriti’s condition had become such that she started having difficulty in breathing. Persistent pain in the body. The weakening of the immune system and the continuous weakening of digestion were creating new difficulties for him day by day. Meanwhile, due to Kovid, Kriti lost her mother too. After which mental stress also started. When the weight reached 100 kilos, Kriti decided to deal with it.

diet changes

Being serious about her weight, Kriti first changed her diet. Added whole nutrition to everything from your breakfast to lunch dinner. According to Kriti, her diet plan was something like this.

Oats, seeds, milk and fruit for breakfast

Freshly made vegetables, rice, curd and salad in lunch

Mix salad with eggs in dinner. Cheela made of any low carb cheese. Like Oats Chilla or Paneer Sandwich. Lemonade and an Apple Before a Workout

She used to eat chocolate cake and pasta on cheat days.

Oatmeal, milkshake made of fruits and sugar free cold coffee were also a part of his diet.

Lifestyle also changed

Till now Kriti had also understood that just changing the diet will not work. They will also have to change their methods. First of all, Kriti started drinking sufficient amount of water. She used to drink three to four liters of water daily. Also changed the habits of getting up in the morning. Started getting up early in the morning and also did regular workouts. Kriti, who is fond of food, overcame herself even in the matter of food. Stopped eating excessively. She was also regular in physical activities like walking and stretching. When she started getting the right results, she herself kept getting motivated to lose more weight. Kriti walks 5 km daily. Apart from stretching and skipping, she also does strength training in the evening.

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