Loud music does not cause “encounter” but illness, Alka Yagnik shared her message and expressed her illness.

Alka Yagnik Instagram wrote in the post shared on Instagram that I suffer from sensory nerve hearing loss. Because of this, I completely lost my hearing. This is why I have not been seen in action. Alka said she was not at all prepared for this big shock.

Alka Yagnik published an article about her illness, sensory nerve hearing loss

Sharing the post, Alka Yagnik wrote that my dear fans, friends and followers, if you also listen to loud music with headphones, this can be a serious problem for you. Therefore, one should not listen to music at high volume as one could suffer from serious hearing loss.

What is rare sensory nerve deafness?

According to doctors, it is a rare disease on sensory nerve hearing loss. Tell us in detail what happens in this disease? According to the English portal NDTV.com, in rare sensory neural nerve deafness, the patient begins to have difficulty hearing. After a while, they may also lose their hearing. In fact, this happens due to damage to the cells located inside the ear, that is, the cells present in the cochlea. This is a common ear-related disease. The nerves through which sound reaches the brain from the ear are completely damaged. This causes the problem of rare sensory nerve hearing loss.

Why does sensorineural hearing loss occur?

The virus enters the ear through the air and damages the inner part of the ear. Many types of viruses are responsible. The common cough and cold virus can also cause this illness.

Why is it dangerous to listen to songs with headphones?

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Listening to songs relaxes our body. When we listen to a song with headphones, it comes directly to our ears. Which should not disappear. The sound should not pass directly inside the ear but outside. If this does not happen, it will have a direct impact on our ears and brains. Due to this sensitivity is lost. Due to loud noise, the cells inside the ear get damaged which leads to the problem of hearing loss.

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