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Mobile phones are making children victims of virtual autism, harming your beloved

Smartphone Side Effect On Children : To get rid of the stubbornness of children, do you also hand over mobile phones to them? Your child may calm down with this, but spending time on the screen for a long time, he is becoming mentally weak. Many researches conducted around the world show that giving smartphones to children at an early age affects their mental development. According to a report, the future of children is spoiled by watching mobiles, gadgets and more TV. The risk of virtual autism is also increasing.

what is virtual autism

Often the symptoms of virtual autism are seen in children of 4-5 years. This happens because of addiction to electronic gadgets like mobile phone, TV and computer. Due to excessive use of smartphone or spending more time on laptop-TV, they face difficulty in speaking and interacting with others in the society. According to health experts, this condition itself is called virtual autism. This means that such children do not have autism but they start showing its symptoms. This is seen a lot in the children of 1.5 to 3 years.

How to protect children from virtual autism

Due to using more mobile, speech development is not possible in children and most of their time is spent in gadgets. His behavior starts getting worse. Sometimes their tantrums also increase a lot and they can also be aggressive. Their sleeping pattern is also disturbed by the smartphone. In such a situation, parents should keep children away from electronic gadgets. Zero exposure of gadgets should be kept in children. Meaning they should be completely kept away from it.

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what should parents do

Often when the child is small, the parents show them the mobile phone by sitting close to them. Later children get addicted to it. First of all, parents have to keep their children away from electronic gadgets. There should be an emphasis on zeroing their screen time. Put their focus on other things. Correct the sleep pattern as well. Encourage children for outdoor activities. To do this, parents have to improve themselves first. Children will also have to distance themselves from the phone in front of them and should participate in sports activities.

Is there a cure for virtual autism?

Parents have the biggest role in saving children from virtual autism. Apart from this, there is no cure for autism. However, it can be prevented to some extent by personality development therapy, speech therapy and special education therapy. This can improve the condition of the child. But this process requires a lot of time.

symptoms of virtual autism

  • Children suffering from virtual autism shy away from talking to others.
  • Such children avoid eye contact during conversation.
  • The development of the ability to speak in these children is delayed.
  • They have a lot of difficulties in mingling with people in the society.
  • The IQ of children who are in the grip of virtual autism is also less.

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