Nausea is accompanied by frequent headaches, so be careful! May be a sign of brain tumor

World Tumor Day: Brain tumor is a very serious disease related to the brain. Those who are not treated on time, then the problem can be very serious. Abnormal cells that grow in the brain are called brain tumors and they are also of two types. One in which there is a risk of cancer and one in which the risk of cancer is negligible. Many times we see the symptoms of brain tumor, but due to lack of information, we ignore it considering it as minor. In such a situation, every year June 8 is celebrated as World Brain Tumor Day so that people can be made aware about it. On this occasion, today we will give you a lot of information related to it, like what are its initial symptoms and which people are more likely to have it, let us know in detail in this article.

what is brain tumor

Brain tumor simply means growth of abnormal cells in the brain. The tumor starts from other parts of the body and later spreads to the brain which is known as component metastatic brain tumor. It disrupts the functioning of the brain. Brain tumor is cancerous or non-cancerous, some tumors grow rapidly while some grow slowly, let us tell you that only one-third of the tumors are cancerous. If it is not treated on time, it can damage the brain tissue and sometimes it can be fatal. Many times those who have brain tumor have headache and they ignore the pain. Preventive medicines are taken. Let’s know their other symptoms…

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What are the symptoms of brain tumor?

  • trouble speaking
  • morning and evening headache
  • Seizure outbreak
  • Dizziness
  • difficulty balancing
  • blurred vision
  • facial numbness
  • vomiting and difficulty in passing food
  • trouble hearing
  • smell problem
  • loss of memory
  • mood swings

how many types of tumors are there

There are two types of brain tumour. One benign and the other malignant. Benign tumors remain at their initial location without causing damage to other parts of the body. It does not spread to other parts of the body, it increases gradually. Whereas in malignant tumors, cells start growing uncontrollably. It can take the form of fatal and cancer. It also affects other parts of the body through blood circulation and lymph nodes.

what is its treatment

Treatment of brain tumor is possible in many ways but the treatment is based on the type of tumor.

  • radiotherapy
  • surgery
  • chemotherapy

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