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People are attentive to most illnesses, but they are less attentive to brain diseases. People are not able to guess the disease of a brain tumor, by the time it is known, it is too late. A review of statistics reveals that every year, 40-50,000 people in India are diagnosed with brain tumors. The greatest number of victims are children. According to statistics, the percentage of brain tumors in children is almost 20. According to experts, the symptoms of a tumor depend on its location. If the tumor is near the part of the brain that controls your eyes, hands, and legs, the person will experience symptoms such as weakness in these organs.




Let us know the common symptoms of brain tumor:-


frequent headaches


It is generally believed that Headache Headaches are an early sign of a tumor. But in reality, headaches occur with any large tumor. This does not occur at the initial stage of the tumor.




sudden jerk while walking


This is an early symptom of any type of tumor. Neurons become uncontrolled due to tumors present in the brain. As a result, the person’s movements may become abnormal. In this situation, the whole Body Along with this, tremors can also be felt in any organ.




sudden loss of balance


If you cannot lift the key correctly. Unable to walk properly on stairs. Your balance deteriorates. All of these things are danger indicators. speak, swallow or faces to the feelings of control Not being able to control is also part of it.

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tingling or numbness in any part


If any part of your body or face becomes numb or you don’t feel anything, you need to pay attention to it. When the tumor affects the brainstem (the part that covers the brain spinal cord (Connects to the spinal cord). This problem then occurs.




bad memory


Due to a tumor, there is a change in the nature and personality of the person. People with a tumor start to forget certain things. Start to feel confused. Even small things bother them.




to be nauseous


If you stomach If you feel unwell and are vomiting, this may also be a cause for concern. Especially when it happens continuously. I don’t understand any reason for this. This is then a matter of concern.




Blurred vision


Blurred vision, double vision or loss of vision, etc. are also symptoms of a tumor. You may also see floating marks or symbols.




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