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New animation addresses mental health in frontline workers

The film is a collaboration between creative agency McCann Health, production company Jelly, and animation directors Niceshit. While it has a cheesy, sing-song approach, its goal is to raise awareness of the serious difficulties emergency workers face and how this can affect them on a day-to-day basis if they don’t seek support.

Each of the characters represents some of the feelings that workers may be holding back, including “growing fear,” “red rage,” and “lack of power.”

The ad was created to promote the work of the Laura Hyde Foundation, which aims to ensure frontline workers have access to mental health support. A recent guide to suicide prevention published by the foundation states that emergency services personnel are 40% more likely to be affected by serious mental health problems and more than 50% less likely to seek support.


The animation follows the campaign work of other charities, including front line 19that also focus on supporting emergency workers.

The Feelings takes a less forceful way of articulating this message, but the various campaigns come together to highlight the importance of recognizing that the true “heroes” of the pandemic are also human and need vital support at times.

“Our health and emergency services still face a pandemic to overcome. This time, it’s not about covid-19, but about the state of mental health and well-being of the workforce, and we have yet to see the true effects of burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other conditions as a result of this time of Try it,” says Liam. Barnes, chairman of the trustee of the Laura Hyde Foundation.

  Counseling Program Helps People Return to Work Amid Mental Stressors

“The topic of mental health specifically for healthcare workers remains fraught with stigma. We encourage anyone who is struggling right now, worried about a
colleague/friend/family member, or need help improving wellness in your workplace to contact us.”

Agency: McCann Health London
ECD: boy swimmer
Associate ECD: Kieran Delaney
Associate Creative Director: Libby Middlehurst
Senior Artistic Director: Cem Hasimi
Producer: Jelly
Animation: Good shit
Creative Directors: Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann, Guido Lambertini

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