”No Phone For…”: Mamaearth’s Ghazal Alagh Shares How She Maintains Her Mental Peace

Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of beauty and personal care brand Mamaearth, frequently shares helpful tips and life lessons on social media with her followers. On Wednesday, she shared a post on X, explaining how she maintains her peace of mind while managing seven brands, two children, and over 1,300 employees. Alagh shared three tips she follows to counter the numerous challenges that can cause “stress and anxiety.”

“Managing 7 brands, 2 children, 1,300+ employees, and more brings with it a whole host of challenges that can cause stress and anxiety,” he wrote on X.

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In her post, she talked about not checking her phone for a few hours after waking up and before going to bed. “I don’t use my phone for the first two hours after I wake up and one hour before I go to sleep. And on top of that, on Sundays I go five hours without digital contact,” she wrote.

Alagh also shared that he gets bored for at least 30 to 60 minutes every day to fuel his creative thinking.

The Mamaearth CEO further mentioned that social media hate does not affect her. ”I don’t let people’s opinions or social media hate affect me beyond a certain point. Take action when necessary and move on,” she wrote.

Several users agreed with his views and said that social media detox can be really helpful in counteracting negativity. Some offered other solutions such as exercising and reading books. One user wrote: ”Good sharing. For me, Spotify and my morning walks give me a positive start to the day. Understanding who does what best has helped us the most in our business. Not everyone can do everything. Therefore collaborate and grow. In addition, I learned that creativity can also be learned.”

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Another wrote: ”Number 3 is actually the most crucial!! I see a lot of unnecessary hate against your brand…I feel like other brands are doing negative PR! But you are doing great!! Keep growing.”

A third added: ”Gym and morning exercise. I like your idea… No phone for the first two hours after waking up and one hour before going to sleep. I appreciate this unique idea.”

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