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Not only diabetes, these reasons can also take away the eyesight, be careful, otherwise you may have to repent

Eye Care : Today glasses are coming on the eyes at an early age. Bad lifestyle is believed to be the biggest reason for this. Mostly due to diabetes or high blood pressure, the eyesight starts decreasing but there can be many other reasons for the weakening of vision (Vision Loss Reason). In such a situation, ignoring your bad habits will not work, it can be dangerous for the eyes. According to the eye doctor, it is absolutely not right to ignore the blurriness or weakness of the eyes. Because this can happen due to many other diseases as well. Let us know the main reason for the weakening of the eyes.

spend more time on screen

Due to the increase of technology, the screen time of most people has increased. Due to this also the eyesight starts decreasing. This happens by watching computer, smartphone or TV. Due to more screen time, there is more stress on the eyes. The eyes start getting dry and the light is less. Therefore, when using electronic gadgets, keep taking breaks in between. You can also take the help of glasses to reduce the effect on the eyes.

from smoking

According to the eye doctor, smoking can also reduce eyesight. Poisonous chemicals are found in the smoke that comes out of tobacco, which can harm the eyes. Cataract also happens faster due to this. Retinopathy can also get worse if someone has diabetes. This makes it less visible in the night. It also damages the optic nerve. Many eye problems like glaucoma and uveitis have to be dealt with.

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Ignoring eye problems

Many times the eyes tell that there are problems in them but keep ignoring those symptoms. This can create many more problems. Blurred vision, pain, redness, delayed treatment of eye problems can lead to loss of vision. Should contact the doctor.

autonomous disease

Apart from diabetes, many autonomous diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease can also lead to loss of vision. Therefore, in case of any problem, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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