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On the ground or on the treadmill… If you want to lose weight fast, then what is better? here is the answer

Treadmill vs Walking : Often there is a question in the mind that walking or walking on a treadmill is the best for weight loss. Many studies emphasize that walking is one of the good exercises. If you include walking in your daily routine, then the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes reduces considerably (walking benefits). Nowadays people go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. For this they also have to spend extra money. For this reason, the question has started to arise that whether walking or walking on a treadmill is better (Treadmill vs Walking). Let’s know from the expert…
Treadmill or walking which is better
According to fitness experts, the results of walking and walking on the treadmill are different. By walking on the road, in the park or anywhere else, air pressure falls on the body. With this, you have to work harder to move forward. Not only this, while walking, the path is also not the same, then the weight is reduced rapidly. While there is no wind on the treadmill, you walk comfortably. That’s why it is better to walk than this. Health experts also recommend walking daily. It has many advantages. 
What are the benefits of walking
If you like to walk then you have to go outside or in the park. Your path is not flat. Somewhere the road is high and somewhere down, so it is very beneficial. Not only this, by walking outside you come directly in contact with nature and every part of your body keeps on moving. The foot step and position are different, so that the movement is complete and your whole body muscles participate in it, whereas this does not happen at all on a treadmill. 
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