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Baramulla, June 26: Online betting and gambling addiction has spread from rural areas to urban centers in Kashmir, leaving a trail of devastated families in its wake. Technologically enabled gaming platforms have caused serious financial and emotional turmoil in many households, especially in North Kashmir.

The high risks of online gambling

Online gambling has infiltrated Kashmiri homes and affects people from all walks of life. What begins as a seemingly harmless attempt to make quick money often turns into a destructive habit that pushes families into financial ruin. The lure of quick riches has led many to gamble away their savings, assets and even their homes.

True stories of despair

In a heartbreaking incident, an individual (name withheld) from Baramulla lost a staggering amount of Rs 42 lakh through online gambling. His parents, burdened by a huge debt, were forced to sell his house to pay the creditors. Similarly, another man from Baramulla city gambled Rs 32 lakhs and is now battling severe depression.

These stories are not isolated. Firdous Ahmad (name changed), a young man from the outskirts of Baramulla, while recounting the ordeal he said that he initially won Rs 5 lakhs quickly, which encouraged him to continue playing. However, he soon lost not only the initial amount but also an additional Rs 4 lakh. “I realized too late that even if you win in these types of games, you end up losing. This has devastated me and my family. I suffered huge losses in my business due to this online betting platform,” he said.

Penetration into rural areas

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The scourge of online gambling is not limited to urban areas; It has also deeply affected rural areas. Many young people, driven by the dream of earning millions without working, are victims of these platforms. Games like Aviator and BC are particularly popular among young people, further entrenching addiction.

While many of these online games of chance and betting are legal throughout India, their addictive nature has had serious repercussions. Families are often unable to reveal their plight for fear of social stigma. Social pressure to maintain a respectable status forces many to suffer in silence.

The psychological toll of online gambling is immense. In addition to financial losses, people suffer from anxiety, depression, and a sense of hopelessness. Addiction can strain family relationships, causing conflict and a breakdown of support systems.

Muhammad Asif, a psychologist, said the problem of online gambling addiction requires a multifaceted approach. Public awareness campaigns, stricter regulations and accessible support systems for addicts are crucial.

He said: “It is spreading like a plague. People need to know its devastating effects. A financially sound person can become poor in a short time if they become addicted to these types of online gambling platforms. Support groups and counseling services counseling can also play a vital role. to help people recover from addiction and rebuild their lives.”

The silent devastation caused by online gambling in Kashmir is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. Dozens of families in Jammu and Kashmir are struggling to cope with the financial and emotional consequences of this addiction.

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