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Pancreas cancer can also be treated, know how effective the vaccine proved

Vaccine For Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreas cancer is a fatal form of this deadly disease. Even now nine out of ten people with pancreatic cancer lose the battle of life. The survival rate associated with this disease has not improved even in sixty years. The main reason for this is that till now no effective treatment has been found for it. Any success in this direction is like winning a war. The same is happening in this case as well.

mRNA vaccine raises hope

Some experts doing research on pancreatic cancer used mRNA vaccine to treat 16 pancreatic cancer patients. This vaccine was done after removing the tumor through surgery. After this he was kept under observation for a trial period of 18 months. Till then the symptoms of cancer were not seen in him again. A cancer that regresses a few months after surgery. His not having a relapse was considered a great success. Niels Halama, a tumor immunologist at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, described this success as fantastic and unexpected.

study like this

Patients’ tumors were removed and sent to Germany at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Biotechnology company named BioNTech sequenced the tissue genome of these tumors. And an attempt was made to know these mutation Neoantigens.

After this, different Neoantigens of each patient were targeted. It was a very complicated process, which took many years. After this mRNA based vaccine was prepared. In the same way as mRNA vaccine was made for Kovid 19. The purpose of this research was to initiate an immune reaction against the Neoantigen structure.

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This vaccine was given to the patient for the first time nine months after the tumor was removed after the operation. Chemotherapy was also continued with this. Good response to this vaccine was shown in eight patients. In which the tumor did not return. While cancer returned in eight patients.

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