People of which blood group are fast, know some special things about each blood group

We are all aware that our body is divided into 4 blood groups, A, B, AB and O. These blood groups are also divided into positive and negative. Often you must have heard people saying that his mind is sharp or he is very clever. Blood group has a big role in this. In a research conducted at the University of California, it has been revealed that people of which blood group have a sharp mind. Yes, according to the blood group, the texture of the body is different and its effect also falls on the body parts. First we understand what is blood group.

What is blood group?

Blood group basically depends on antigens and antibodies, which are a type of protein molecules. Antibodies are present in the plasma and antigens are present on the surface of red blood cells. Together these two determine the blood type.

B+ blood group people have the fastest brain

In this research done at California University, it was found that people of B+ blood group have sharper mind than other groups. They have more ability to think and understand. Those who have B+ blood group have more active cerebrum of peritoneal and temporal lobe in their brain, due to which both their memory and brain are sharp.

O+ blood group comes in second number

O+ blood group comes second after B+ blood group. The mind of these people is also very sharp. Their blood circulation is better than other groups, due to which the flow of oxygen in the brain is also good. The cerebrum is more active in the brain of O positive people, due to which they also have good memory.

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What does the research say?

In this research conducted at the University of California, 69 people from each group were studied and research was done on their blood samples. In this research, information about the brain of the people of each group was collected and it was found that the brain of the people of B + and O + is much faster than the rest of the groups.

Blood Group and Genetic Relationship

The blood group of the child depends on the blood group of the parents. A child’s blood can be made by mixing the blood groups of either or both. That is, if the blood group of the parents is A and  If B is the blood group of the child A, B  or can be AB. Similarly, if the blood group is A and O, then the child will also be of A and O blood group.

Who can donate blood?

Many people need blood and many people can also donate blood, but some things are also necessary for that. Although people of O blood group are called universal donors, but now people of every group can donate blood. Some things should be taken care of while donating blood like-

  • You should be absolutely healthy and fit, you should not have any disease or disease.
  • Your weight should be between 50 kg to 158 kg.
  • Your Age should be between 17 years to 65 years 

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