Pistachios are good for health… But know this, when and how much should be eaten in a day?

Pistachio is a wonderful type of dry fruit, if you can eat it as such and if you mix it with milk or something, then the taste increases twice. On the auspicious occasion of festival, festival or marriage, people definitely give dry fruits to each other as a gift. Some like roasted snacks pistachios and some like normal pistachios. At the same time, pistachios are also served to the guest many times in breakfast. It is full of nutrition. But do you know how much pistachios should be eaten in a day

When should pistachios be eaten?

Whenever you eat pistachios, keep the time in mind . Eat pistachios on an empty stomach in the morning. If you are planning to eat empty pistachios daily, then keep them soaked in water overnight. And eat it empty stomach in the morning. Because eating soaked pistachios will improve your health. 

How many pistachios should be eaten in a day

You should avoid eating pistachios in summer because Its effect is hot. You can eat 15-20 grams of pistachios in a day. If a person eats it in excess, it can cause many health-related harm to you. 

The benefits of eating pistachios are

Pistachios are very good for our skin and hair. Copper and Vitamin E are present in it, which keeps the skin and hair very healthy. Also prevents the skin from getting dry. People who have anemia, fatigue and weakness must eat pistachio almonds because they are rich in iron, which keeps diseases like anemia away. 

 Pistachios contain vitamin B6 and Zinc is found which boosts immunity and reduces the risk of infection to a great extent.

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Pistachios contain vitamin B6 and zinc which strengthens immunity and reduces the risk of any kind of infection. Happens. 

Pistachios have always been considered a rich source of fiber. Due to which stomach related diseases stay away. 

Those who want to reduce their weight should eat pistachios daily so that stomach feels full. Avoid eating more. 

Pistachios are very beneficial for both brain and eyes. 

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