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Post-Cancer Care: Foolproof Measures For Survivors to Stay Healthy After Treatment

In this article, we share tips for cancer survivors to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes after treatment.

Post-cancer care: foolproof measures to keep survivors healthy after treatment (Source: Freepik)

Cancer survivors tend to face physical and emotional challenges during treatment to improve their quality of life. A cancer survivor must adopt healthy lifestyle practices even after completing treatment. Several side effects of cancer treatment may persist even after the treatment is over. Maintaining an optimistic approach towards life after a cancer diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Survivors must make efforts to get back to their daily lives while adjusting to the effects of the disease and its treatment. The doctor will continue to monitor you even after treatment to ensure recovery and prevent a relapse. Dr Tejal Gorasia, Breast Surgeon and Gynecologist at Onco Life Cancer Centre, Chiplun, spoke to India.com and shared some of the measures that cancer survivors must take after treatment.

Tips to stay healthy and strong after cancer treatment

  1. Go for regular checkups and follow-ups: It is possible for cancer to recur even after treatment. Therefore, stay in touch with your doctor by going for checkups and follow-ups. Try to avoid self-medicating by taking over-the-counter medications for any symptoms without your doctor’s knowledge. Your follow-up care plan will consist of regular physical examinations and/or medical tests to know your health status.
  2. Refrain from tobacco use: It is a no-brainer that tobacco use increases the risk of cancer and can lead to a relapse. Even passive smoking is strictly prohibited for a cancer survivor. It is best to quit smoking if you are committed to staying healthy after treatment.
  3. Keep a personal record of your health: It will be difficult to remember every detail, from diagnosis to treatment. It is a good idea to write down important points about treatment, side effects, medications, rehabilitation, and follow-up care. The information you record can also be useful for your doctor to access and better understand your condition. Your doctor will be able to guide you in managing side effects, modify medication dosage if necessary, or recommend certain tests in case he or she detects unusual symptoms. Be proactive when it comes to your health.
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