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Rubbing more lemon on the face can cause these side effects, read this news for protection

Lemon not only enhances the taste of food, but it is beneficial for our health in many ways. Vitamin-C is found in abundance in lemon, which is very beneficial for the skin. It is used for everything from skin brightening to getting relief from pimples. Lemon is rich with antioxidant properties, which helps in protecting our body from many diseases and infections.

Lemon juice is very useful for the skin. Its regular intake can help the skin to reduce small spots, pimples. We use lemon for many beauty treatments. It is widely used in home remedies for skin problems. But, do you know that applying lemon juice in excess can also have some side effects? Let us know about the side effects of lemon juice. 

1. इरिटेशन 

Lemon contains citric acid. Our healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH which kills bacteria and yeast. Lemon juice can be applied for these benefits. But, applying it in excess  can cause irritation and burning of the skin. 

2. Aqua Spots

Lemon is of acidic nature. Due to this, applying lemon juice on pimples causes pimples to burst and blood starts coming out of them. Pimples or acne scars become more visible by applying lemon juice. In this case, the face should be kept away from lemon juice. 

3. change in skin tone

One of the side-effects of lemon juice is the change in skin tone. Those who have dark complexion or have dark skin tone should use lemon juice with caution as it can lead to uneven skin tone. 

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4. सनबर्न 

Lemon juice increases the sensitivity of the skin. That’s why, sunlight can cause more damage to the skin and problems like sunburn. Best way to apply lemon on face 

Lemon juice mixed with water should be applied on the face, it can avoid side-effects on the face. Either mixing 5-6 drops of lemon in one spoon of aloe vera gel and massaging it lightly on the face is best. Along with this, mixing half a teaspoon of glycerin in dry skin aloe vera gel can be applied on the face like a toning cream. 

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