Salad is a treasure trove of benefits for health, but do not eat it like this even by mistake, otherwise you may have to repent

Salad Tips : Salad is beneficial for health. It is advisable to eat more and more salad during summer. Most people like to eat salad with food. It not only makes food tasty, it also makes it nutritious. To make salad tasty, some such things are used along with it, which can be harmful for the body. Some people also add lemon and salt (Lemon and Salt With Salad) to the salad. This makes the taste good, but there are many misconceptions about it. Some people do not consider it correct. Come let’s know from the health expert whether lemon and salt should be added to the salad or not…

Should lemon be added to salad or not?

Even in Ayurveda, it has been said not to mix lemon and salt in salad. Health does not benefit from this. However, a good amount of vitamin C is found in lemon. That’s why it is also considered as antioxidants. Lemon should never be eaten mixed with cucumber and tomato. It can be harmful. Therefore, if you are also increasing the taste by adding lemon and salt to the salad, then it should be avoided.

why salt should not be added to salad

Many people eat salt mixed with salad. But it is harmful for health. Actually, salt contains sodium. It is not at all right for the body. It brings many diseases with it. If there is more sodium in the body then the risk of blood pressure can increase. Doctors also forbid to eat salt from above in the food. Bones can also become weak due to this. The more sodium enters the body, the more the risk of heart diseases can increase. That’s why salt and lemon (Lemon and Salt With Salad Disadvantages) should never be mixed in salad. This can be very dangerous for health.

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