Sanya Malhotra’s intense kickboxing fight with fitness trainer is weekend inspo

Sanya Malhotra is our fitness goal, we mean it. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast, loves being in the gym under the guidance of his physical trainer. The actor bets on high intensity yoga routine, kickboxing and yoga. From calisthenics to mastering a yoga position in one of the quaint corners of her gym, Sanya is often seen engrossed in exercise. Sanya also continues to share snippets of her fitness diaries on her Instagram profile in an effort to motivate her Instagram family to start taking workouts seriously.

Sanya’s physical aptitude Trainer Tridev Pandey keeps sharing a sneak peek of her workout routine on her Instagram stories. Sanya’s weekend was different from ours. The actress started her Saturday with an intense kickboxing session. Tridev shared a series of videos on her Instagram stories where Sanya can be seen exercising in beast mode. In one of the videos, Sanya can be seen intensely practicing her punches in a boxing pillow. Sharing his goofy mood, Tridev wrote that he often wonders if Sanya imagines the pillow is him when he hits her. HAHAHA.

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In another video, Tridev and Sanya can be seen engaging in a kickboxing match. Dressed in a black sports bra and a pair of black gym pants, Sanya can be seen intensely throwing punches at Tridev, who can be seen in defense mode. Sanya, on the other hand, can be seen in attack mode. “Just Saturday stuff,” Tridev wrote in the video with Sanya. Take a look at excerpts from the kickboxing fight here:

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Tridev Pandey’s Instagram story.(Instagram/@tridevpandey)

Kickboxing helps improve body coordination, which contributes to better posture. It’s an ideal cross-training workout and helps improve energy levels and reduce stress. Kickboxing also helps burn a lot of calories faster.



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