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Six Pack Shortcuts Review – My Review of Mike Chang’s Workout

Mike Chang’s Workout – My Six Pack Shortcut Program Review

A little bit about me?

I am a Judo black belt who is constantly looking for new workouts as a way to improve my strength and endurance for Judo competitions and grading. After being a gym member for a long time, I have decided to do home workouts instead. Amazingly I’m getting better results, and they make me more motivated to succeed.

Six Pack Shortcut – My Overview

Six Pack Shortcuts is the completely comprehensive guide to losing weight and building muscle.

It includes a variety of simple exercises that can be performed on a daily basis by targeting specific muscles in the body. As the title ‘six pack’ suggests, there are also specific ab exercises that can be done after achieving a flat stomach.

The program is not a quick fix by any means and requires hard work and dedication as you work five days a week through the 12 week program. Exercise:

Build extra muscle first

burn fat

work the ‘core’

Incorporate supersets and trisets. These techniques encourage the muscles to work harder in less time.

Nutritional information is an added bonus with this program. It’s a completely natural approach, without the need for diet pills or expensive supplements.

Because the guide comes in video format, it’s like having your own personal trainer in the house. This helps to quickly improve technique and make the workout a more enjoyable experience. However, I prefer my workouts on DVD for convenience’s sake. Just a minor criticism!

If you decide to take up the six pack program, I am sure you will see positive results, but only if you work hard and stick to the program. You should gain increased muscle mass, better stamina and less body fat. However, these are only material benefits. Your confidence and energy level should also be better,

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If you’re short on time, like me, to program six pack shortcuts at home, without the need for an expensive gym membership, I’d recommend getting yourself some dumbbells, barbells, and benches. Pull up equipment is also very beneficial. I have my own bar at home (though it took me a while to fit, need to improve my DIY skills).

After much debate I decided to purchase the Six Pack Shortcut Program. In short (pardon the pun!) I am very happy with the product to date. I know there are some really good free videos by Mike Chang on youtube which I tried for a while and finally bought Six Pack Shortcuts. It’s a great starting point, however, without the program I lacked the consistent approach and routine that I have now by following the six pack shortcuts. Hope this inspires you to be successful. It has worked for me. Along with the weight lifting, body resistance and pull up drills, I also enjoyed the cardio elements. It was seeing the M100s that first got me into this workout program. Yes, you really can get yourself over the edge in 5 minutes. I was drenched in sweat.

Six Pack Shortcuts is much more comprehensive and informative than other similar home workouts on the internet that I have tested before. The extra support from Mike Chang and his support team is also great.

I personally like the combination between physical exercise and nutritional information that Mike Chang reveals in The Six Pack Shortcut Master Guide and I think the 2 month money-back guarantee from Mike Chang is a reasonable offer that anyone may also allow this program to be run risk-free. ,

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I do not think that the Six Pack Shortcut Workout is a ‘shortcut’ as other reviews on the web may claim. It requires hard work and dedication, however at the moment I am satisfied with my results. I think with the right approach it is possible for most people with solid commitment to see significant results in a fairly short period of time. In any event, with a 100% money-back guarantee I don’t think there’s anything to lose. I’ve gained nice lean muscle mass, improved stamina, and I’m on my way to success with this program. Still working on abs! My biggest weakness is sticking to healthy eating.

My final piece of advice is to supplement your diet with a Whey Protein Shake followed by Weight & Recovery Formula with cardio elements for any intense home or gym workout. Stretching and recovery time are also extremely important and can be easily overlooked. Lest let’s just say I learned my lesson the hard way.

Thanks for reading my article/review.

Source by Rich J Butler

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