Sleeping After 1 am Can Affect Your Mental Health, Study Reveals How

If you like to stay up late, this could have consequences for your mental health. That is how.

Are you someone who is a night owl and usually sleeps after 1 am? Well, in that case, there’s bad news for you. New research says sleeping after 1 a.m. can reduce the risk of developing mental and behavioral conditions, such as depression and anxiety. The study was published last month in the journal Psychiatry Research.

As part of this study, the researchers compared the preferred sleep synchronization (chronotype) with the actual sleep behavior of almost 74,000 UK adults. While the researchers expected that respecting the chronotype would be very important, the result of the study turned out to be something else.

The lead author of the study, Jamie Zeitzer, while speaking to the media said, “We found that alignment with your chronotype is not crucial here, and that actually staying up late is not good for your mental health“.

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