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Sudha Murthy speaks about cervical cancer in Parliament

Sudha Murthy on Cervical Cancer: Sudha Murthy highlighted the problems of cervical cancer among women during her speech in Parliament. The video of Sudha Murthy’s speech is going viral on social media. People are praising her speech a lot on social media.

Arrangements should be made to vaccinate girls aged 9 to 14.

Sudha Murthy in her speech said that the deadly disease of cervical cancer is increasing rapidly among women. To prevent this, young girls should get vaccinated against cervical cancer. Arrangements should be made to vaccinate girls between the ages of 9 and 14. Our social system is such that women do not pay any attention to their health. By the time they know about the disease, they are in the fourth stage of cancer. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to save them.

What did Sudha Murthy say in her speech?

Sudha Murthy says my father used to say that women are the center of the family. A woman is a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother. After the death of his wife, the husband takes another wife but the children never find another mother. Sudha Murthy says that during the Covid pandemic, if a vaccination campaign was launched to protect women from Corona, then why was a campaign not launched to protect women from cervical cancer. If the government launches this campaign, it will not cost much.

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Symptoms of cervical cancer

If we talk about the early symptoms of cervical cancer, it causes menstrual disorders in women. After that, women suffer from menopause and vaginal bleeding. Apart from all this, there are also complaints of vaginal discharge.

If cervical cancer is detected at the first stage, the lives of more than 95 out of 100 women can be saved. When it reaches the third stage, 50 out of 100 women are cured, but if the cancer of this organ affects another organ, then it becomes very difficult to save it.

Does a positive HPV test mean cervical cancer?

Once the HPV test is positive, further testing is needed to identify precancerous growths. Therefore, HPV testing should be done every one to two years. In over 95% of women, the immune system clears high-risk HPV infections on its own, but if high-risk lumps persist, the cervix is ​​examined using a colposcopy tool. If a lump that may be precancerous is found during the exam, treatment should be done immediately.

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