Sugar is crossing 300 despite taking healthy diet and insulin, so keep your diabetes under control

Diabetes Treatment : Today a large number of people are in the grip of diabetes. Whether young or old, people of all ages are troubled by diabetes. This disease occurs due to deterioration of blood sugar level. It also brings many problems. When the pancreas stops making insulin hormone, then insulin injections are needed to control the blood sugar of a diabetic patient. Many times the sugar level remains above 300 even in spite of insulin, better diet and exercise. What should be done in such a situation, let us know from the expert…

decreased effectiveness of drugs

According to the doctor, if someone is in the grip of diabetes and his blood sugar level remains high for a long time, then it means that the effect of his medicines has reduced. They are not able to work fully.

Neither taking medicine on time, nor insulin resistant

Due to many reasons the body is not able to respond fully to insulin or healthy diet. Sometimes due to some reason the blood sugar level becomes uncontrolled for a long time. The reason for this may be due to improper dosage of the medicine and problems like insulin resistance or glucotoxicity.


According to health experts, the second biggest reason for this problem is the presence of infection for a long time. When a patient gets an infection, then his body is not able to respond properly to the treatment.

What to do if the blood sugar level is above 300

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1. Check sugar before and after breakfast, lunch and dinner and accordingly decide the dosage of your medicine.

2. Diabetes patients should keep exercising. Due to this the response of the body increases and glycemic is well controlled.

3. Some oral anti-diabetic medicine can be taken on the advice of a doctor to make insulin work well or reduce insulin resistance.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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