Talcum powder may increase the risk of cancer, so keep this in mind if using it on children.

Talcum powder can cause cancer: To protect children from heat and sweat, most mothers apply plenty of talcum powder to their children after bathing. Doing this makes children feel fresh, but research has found that cosmetic products like talcum powder can increase the risk of cancer.

In fact, it contains an element called asbestos, which increases cancer-related illnesses and can be harmful to children. So let us tell you today what the experts say and how this talc can be harmful to your children.

These toxic substances are found in talcum powder
An element called talc is found in talc, a mineral extracted from the earth. It’s used to absorb moisture and reduce friction, which is why cosmetic companies use it in making baby powder, eye shadow, and other products.

Likewise, asbestos is also found in talc, which is extracted from the earth like talcum powder. If this asbestos is inhaled into the body, it can increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, doctors advise to avoid using such cosmetic products.

Talcum powder may contain carcinogens
The World Health Organization, while carrying out research on cancer, has classified talc as a carcinogen, that is, those that cause cancer. Health experts believe that certain talc particles may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Apart from this, if children inhale talc particles, there may be a risk of lung and respiratory cancer.

Experts also say that the relationship between talc and cancer is not 100% clear, but it is advisable to stay away from it. If you also wish to apply talcum powder to children, then use a non-cosmetic powder on doctor’s advice.

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