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Panaji: Healthcare innovations coupled with technology-enabled continuity of care for better patient outcomes and bridging the digital divide were discussed during round tables on Wednesday, as part of the second meeting of the G20 Health Working Group (HWG) in Goa.

Consistent with Indian G20 theme of the presidency of “One Land, One Family, One Future,” discussions focused on the country’s commitment to “healthcare for all” through global and local collaborations.

During the first panel discussion, stakeholders highlighted the need for concerted efforts to demystify the technology and the need to build trust among citizens through the enactment of a data privacy law, as well as the introduction of other controls.

In the second session of the panel on ‘Technology that supports the continuum of care – Harnessing the potential of real-world data or evidence to Better results for patients‘, different aspects of technological tools and their use in better patient care were discussed.

Highly interoperable systems are needed and for digital transformations, nations need to focus on a person-centered digital journey, members suggested.

Suggestions for cooperation between technology innovators, governments and voluntary organizations for a coordinated and inclusive framework to guide investments were discussed.

Best practices used in India were showcased, such as the national noncommunicable disease portal for disease tracking and e-Sanjeevani teleconsultation services.

The third session on ‘Digital Public Goods (DGP) for Closing the digital divide‘ highlighted the critical element of democratizing DPG. The speakers agreed that investments in DPG will bring multiple benefits.

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They suggested that expert knowledge facilitated by digital interventions should be democratized, and that strong health data governance should be used to remove bottlenecks in the development of the global health ecosystem.

It was noted that since healthcare is universal, creating user-friendly platforms according to local needs should be a priority.

Ideas discussed included collective action to promote global initiative in digital health (GIDH), strengthening organizational capacities in member countries and developing standards for public health centers for better and faster adoption at the grassroots level.


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