Test Your Abdominal Muscle Strength Using 7 Simple Ab Exercises

Most of the people want six pack, flat stomach, ripped abs, washboard abs. All these phrases really mean the same thing, which is a flat stomach with well toned and cut abdominal muscles.

However, how many of you have tried all the latest ab exercise machines and ab exercise DVDs but to no avail? Have you tried 100 abdominal exercises or top 10 diets daily but still no difference in your abs?

If you’ve given up hope and accepted the fate that your waist will get bigger forever, don’t do it. The fact is that everyone can have six pack abs and the reason you are not getting it yet is because you are doing it all wrong. In other words, you’re not doing the right ab exercises and you’re not eating the right foods.

If you don’t have the right ab workout routine, you may be training the wrong abdominal muscle groups. Before you start doing abdominal exercises, it is advised that you start by testing your abdominal strength and learn more about your abdominal anatomy.

Several tests are available to measure the function of the abdominal muscles. It is important to test abdominal strength and abdominal endurance as it is an indicator of core strength and thus supports core stability and lower back support.

The purpose of abdominal strength tests is to test the ability of the abdominal muscles to optimally function and maintain correct position under increasing difficulty. The purpose of the abdominal endurance test is to test the ability of the abdominal muscles to perform ab curls repeatedly for a specified amount of time (such as 60 seconds) or at a specified rate.

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The abs strength test is not about doing sit-ups over and over again, but requires you to do sit-ups of increasing difficulty. 7-Stage Test is one of such tests. The 7-stage test has 8 levels, level 0 to 7, ranging in difficulty from very poor to elite. The level to which you can complete sit-ups correctly, the stronger your abdominal muscles will be.

Lie on your back with your knees bent at right angles and feet flat on the floor. For each level set, try to do one complete sit-up, starting with level 1. Each level is achieved if a single sit-up is performed in the prescribed manner, without the feet leaving the floor. As many attempts can be made as necessary. So take the following simple test to find out how strong your abdominal muscles are now.

Level 0 – If you cannot perform Level 1. Your score is very bad.

Level 1 – Can do sit-ups with arms extended, athlete bends such that wrists reach knees. Your score is bad.

Level 2 – Can do sit-ups with arms outstretched, athlete bends so elbows reach knees. Your score is fair.

Level 3 – Can do sit-ups with arms together across abdomen, athlete turns so chest touches thighs. Your score is average.

Level 4 – Can squat with arms crossed over chest, grasping opposite shoulders, athlete curls up so forearms touch thighs. your score is rated good

Level 5 – Can do sit-ups with hands behind head, athlete curls up so chest touches thighs. Your score is very good.

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Level 6 – Can do sit-ups as in Level 5, holding 5 lb (2.5 kg) weights behind head, chest touching thighs. Your score is excellent. Very good!

Level 7 – Can do sit-ups as per Level 5, with 10 lb (5 kg) weight behind head, chest touching thighs. You have been given Elite status. Congrats!

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