The body will stay cool even without air conditioning, just do this work from breakfast to dinner.

Rujuta Diwekar Tips for Summers: Even after half of June, the heat does not subside and the body temperature increases due to humidity and sweat. You cannot live without air conditioning and cooler, but if you also want to maintain your body temperature at 40 degrees, then you should consume these three things from breakfast to dinner and see how your body decreases and you can also get it. freed from problems of acidity, bloating, headaches, nausea and indigestion caused by heat.

Health Tips from Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar
Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she explained that if you include these three local, seasonal and traditional elements in your diet, it will help you keep your body temperature low. also keeps you hydrated, which can prevent illnesses caused in summer.

Eat these three things in summer

Local and regional fruits
During the summer season, almost all regions produce different types of fruits, known by different names in the regional language. One of them is Tadgola fruit or ice apple, it is rich in antioxidants and water, considered very beneficial to eat in summer.

curd rice
Most people avoid cooking and eating at lunchtime due to the heat and sweating, but you shouldn’t skip lunch. Prepare the rice in the morning for breakfast and when it cools down in the afternoon, add some curd to it. Mix it by crushing it with your hands. Add salt and consume it. It keeps the stomach calm and aids digestion.

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gulkand water
If you want to escape the heat and drink healthy drinks in the evening, mix a spoonful of Gulkand in a glass of water and consume it before sleeping or after eating. Also eat the rose petals that come inside. This drink is very refreshing and also protects you from heat related problems like acidity, stomach ache, body pain, headache and insomnia.

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