The risk of eye cancer is increasing in young children… identify the symptoms in time

Retinoblastoma: Do you know that children’s eyes can also be at risk of cancer due to which your child can become blind forever. In medical language, this cancer is known as Retinoblastoma. Because it is made in the retina of the eyes only. The retina is a thin layer of nerve tissue at the back of the eye and can affect one or both eyes. Let us tell you that the risk of this cancer is increasing gradually. This is the reason that Retinoblastoma Awareness Week is being celebrated from May 14 to May 20 to make people aware about it.

Retinoblastoma is eye cancer

Usually, this type of cancer is seen in children below the age of 5 years and one child in about 8000 births is affected by this cancer. Every year 4000 to 5000 new cases are reported in the whole world out of which 1500 to 2000 cases are from India. Doctors believe that this disease occurs due to the deficiency of some nutrients in the children growing in the stomach, while if someone in the parents or siblings has eye cancer, then the child’s chances increase by 50%, but if timely If this disease is detected, treatment is possible. Let us tell you that if this tumor spreads outside the eyes, then many parts of the body can be engulfed, such as brain and bones can also be affected, because retinoblastoma occurs mostly in children. only occurs. That’s why it is difficult to identify its symptoms. In the beginning, its symptoms are not known. Nevertheless, these symptoms can be identified

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Symptoms of Retinoblastoma

  • white glare in the eyes
  • color blindness
  • twitching of the eyes
  • redness in the white part
  • dim light
  • eye pain or swelling
  • squint

disease diagnosis and treatment

If any of these symptoms are seen in children, then a doctor should be consulted immediately after which the disease can be detected after MRI and ultrasound test. Laser thermotherapy or cryotherapy is done for small size cancer. Radiation therapy is done for large tumors. In this, tumor is cultivated by radioactive rays. Apart from this, anti-cancer medicines keep going on to eliminate retinoblastoma from the root.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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