There are huge benefits of eating slowly, know why elders advise eating slowly.

Eating habits : Eating fast is considered the work of the devil. Elders advise eating slowly and chewing food. It is said at home that you should chew food at least 32 times. This has many health benefits. This rule has been in practice for a very long time. Many experts also believe that chewing food 32 times contributes to good digestion.

However, no scientific research has yet been carried out on this subject. But it is true that by chewing food (32 Bar Formula in Eating), we release different flavors and digest the carbohydrates. Tell us what are the benefits of chewing food 32 times…

What are the benefits of chewing food?

1. Improves digestion

The more food is chewed, the more it breaks into smaller pieces. This helps a lot in the digestion process in the stomach. Chewing food properly makes it easier to digest. For this reason, the health of the stomach also remains healthy. There are no problems like constipation, acidity.

2. Nutrients are properly absorbed

If you chew food properly, the nutrients it contains are properly and well absorbed. Thanks to this, essential vitamins and minerals are better available to the body and it gains strength. It also boosts immunity and allows you to avoid many diseases.

3. Weight is controlled

If you eat slowly and chew food for a long time, your stomach fills up quickly. This prevents overeating and keeps weight and obesity under control. This habit is very useful to keep the body in shape. This maintains health. Chewing food has many health benefits, which is why elders and experts recommend chewing food 32 times.

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