There are more than 10 thousand proteins in the body, do you know how much a person needs every day?

Protein Good For Health: Every day our body needs energy. We get this energy from various foods. Food is also not required for vitamin D. Sun is its major source. Proteins and vitamins are great sources of energy for the body. The good thing is that we do not have to wander anywhere to get protein and vitamins. We get everything in a healthy diet included every day. Like vitamins, proteins are also essential elements for the body. But do you know how many types of proteins are there in our body? Why do we need them? Let’s try to know this.

More than 10000 proteins are found in the body

Every organ of the body needs protein to function properly. More than 10 thousand proteins are found on muscles, skin, hair. Proteins work to provide energy to each organ of the body. They work to make antibodies, as well as play a big role in the formation of new cells. Proteins also do the work of keeping the cells healthy.

how much protein do you need per day

According to a report, the body needs protein every day. Protein is needed for 10 percent of daily calories. If we look at the status of age-wise protein requirements, then school-age children 19 to 34 grams, adolescent boys 52 grams, adolescent girls 46 grams, adult males 56 grams, adult females 46 grams, pregnant or lactating A woman needs 71 ​​grams of protein every day.

what does protein do

Due to getting the right protein in the diet, there is no feeling of hunger again and again. Keeps muscles active. Works to strengthen bones. Weight is controlled due to proper appetite. Due to proper metabolism level, there is no problem of diabetes, high BP. Keeps kidney fit. Protein can be obtained from chicken, eggs, dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, cashews. Apart from this, many types of lentils are also a rich source of vitamins.

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