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There are not only advantages but also disadvantages of drinking milk, know in this news

Side Effects of Milk: Often you must have heard people saying that if you drink milk, you will become strong and grow up quickly. But has anyone ever said that you should not drink milk or it can be harmful for you. Yes, milk is considered a protein packed drink, but let us tell you that there are some side effects of drinking milk. Today, on National Milk Day, we tell you about the disadvantages of drinking milk.

Why is National Milk Day celebrated?

Verghese Kurien, the father of the White Revolution in India, was born on 26 November and the occasion of his birth anniversary is celebrated as National Milk Day, because he started the White Revolution to promote the production of milk in the country. It was He is also known as Milk Man of India. Although milk is very important for our body, it strengthens bones, teeth and brain, but today we tell you about the harm caused by milk.

fatty liver problem

Those who are troubled by liver problems, they should reduce the consumption of milk, because people with fatty liver may have difficulty in digesting milk. This can cause swelling in their liver and increase fat, so such people are advised to avoid milk.

increase acidity

People who have digestive problems and gas in the stomach should not consume milk, because lactose is found in milk, which further increases digestive problems.

lactose intolerance

This is a type of allergy that happens to those people who start having physical problems after drinking milk. Such people are called lactose intolerance. These people may have problems of stomach swelling, pain, diarrhea etc. by drinking milk.

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pimples and acne

Yes, people who consume full fat or heavy cream milk or milk products can also have skin problems. In such a situation, people who have oily skin or who get pimples and pimples frequently should drink milk at least.

Do not drink raw milk even by mistake

Yes, many people feel that raw milk is very beneficial for health, so they drink milk without boiling it. While we should not do this, we should always boil milk and drink it lukewarm. This kills germs and viruses and does not harm the body. While drinking raw milk can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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