There is fatigue throughout the day, mood swings, there may be a lack of protein in the body.

Do you feel tired throughout the day and have mood swings (sudden changes in mood)? If so, this may be a sign of a protein deficiency in your body. Protein is an extremely important nutrient for our body, which provides energy and helps in the proper functioning of various functions in our body. Let us know how protein deficiency can affect your health and what its symptoms may be.




importance of proteins



Protein is essential for building and repairing every cell, tissue and organ in our body. It also helps produce enzymes and hormones that control various functions in our body. A diet rich in protein plays an important role in muscle development, skin repair and strengthening the immune system.



Protein Deficiency Symptoms



  • Constant fatigue: Lack of protein can cause you to feel tired all the time. This happens because protein helps provide energy to the body and its deficiency can lead to low energy levels.


  • Mood swings : If there are sudden changes in mood, this may also be a sign of protein deficiency. Protein helps produce neurotransmitters that affect our mood and mental health.


  • Muscular weakness: A protein deficiency can lead to muscle weakness and pain because protein is essential for building and repairing muscles.


  • Weak hair and nails: Protein deficiency can lead to weak hair and nails because protein is essential for the health of our hair and nails.


  • Weak immune system: Due to lack of protein, your immunity may weaken, which may cause you to get sick frequently.


How to overcome a protein deficiency?



  • High protein diet: Include protein-rich foods in your diet like eggs, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts and dairy products.


  • Supplements: If you are not able to consume sufficient amount of high protein diet, you can consume protein supplements, but definitely consult a doctor before taking them.


  • Balanced diet: Eat a balanced diet that includes protein as well as other nutrients.


  • Regular training: Exercise regularly, which helps build and strengthen muscles.





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