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These fruits can harm the mother and child during pregnancy, know why it is forbidden to eat them

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy: Fruits are very beneficial for health and should definitely be included in your diet. You may have heard people say this often, but during pregnancy, certain fruits can cause more harm than benefit. When it comes to diet during pregnancy, every pregnant woman does her best to include only healthy items in her diet. Although fruits are healthy, can an expectant mother eat all types of fruits during pregnancy? If you too are wondering the same question, let us tell you that certain fruits should be avoided during pregnancy.

Avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy

Papaya contains latex which can cause premature contractions. This can not only cause stomach pain, but also be dangerous for the unborn child. Papaya should be avoided at all costs as it can lead to premature labor and, in the worst cases, even miscarriage.

Pineapple is a sweet and sour fruit that women may want to eat during pregnancy, but this fruit should be kept away from them. This fruit contains bromelain which can soften the cervix, increasing the risk of premature delivery. On the other hand, eating pineapple can also cause diarrhea during pregnancy.

Grapes are generally taboo for pregnant women, especially during the last trimester. They contain a component called resveratrol which can interfere with hormones and cause an imbalance. Grapes also have calorific properties, which can affect both mother and child.

frozen fruit
Frozen fruits are usually preserved to extend their shelf life and may not be a healthy option for pregnant women. Frozen and canned fruits are not fresh and in some cases can even be toxic to babies. When it comes to the diet of pregnant women, it is always best to choose fresh and seasonal fruits.

  आई फ्लू से बचने और इलाज का ये है आसान तरीका, जान लीजिए कैसे ठीक हो सकता है आई फ्लू

Eating these fruits is beneficial during pregnancy
It is very important to pay special attention to your diet during pregnancy, although some fruits should be avoided, but there are many other fruits that can be beneficial during pregnancy. Among these, you can eat banana, apple, pomegranate, watermelon and orange during pregnancy, it is very beneficial.

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