This Ayurvedic dry massage is not only a weight loss but also a stress buster… you will get rid of body pain too.

Ayurvedic Dry Massage Udvartana : Massage is often used to get rid of body pain or to calm the mind. Many Ayurvedic massages also provide amazing benefits. One such massage is powder massage… which is also known as Ayurvedic Dry Massage or Udvartana Massage in Ayurveda. In this massage, the method of massaging the body and applying pressure is amazing. The biggest feature of this massage is that if you get it done every day, then the fat and stress accumulated in the body can disappear. By getting this massage done only once, the body becomes quite relaxed. Let us know what is Udvartan massage and what are the benefits of doing it.

Udvartana Massage

This is an Ayurvedic procedure, in which massage is done from the neck down. In this, massage is done with light pressure in the opposite direction of the hair. Massage is done by mixing herbal powder in this massage oil. There are many types of Udvartan massage. Snigdha, Udgarshana and Utsadana..This massage is done on an empty stomach and before taking a bath.

Tremendous benefits of Udvartana massage

lose body fat

The method adopted for this massage and the herbs used, reduce body fat. Due to this, BMI (Body Mass Index) balance remains and fat does not accumulate.

let the stress disappear

Udvartan massage keeps the mind and body relaxed. With this massage, the body becomes very light and stress free. If you are troubled by the problem of sleep, then you should try this massage. It removes stress and gives restful sleep.

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soft and shiny skin

The powder used in this massage makes the skin soft and shiny. With this massage, the dirt accumulated on the skin is removed and the skin gets glowing.

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