This is how alcohol attacks the body… First liver, then stomach and then heart gets affected like this

Alcohol Affects Liver More Than Any Other Organ: If there is a person near you who consumes a lot of alcohol, that is, consumes more alcohol. So, despite getting this advice from him, you must have often heard that don’t drink too much alcohol, the liver will get damaged. It is possible that without understanding the depth of this matter, you yourself have given such advice to get rid of someone’s bad addiction. Which is not wrong either. Have you ever wondered why alcohol first attacks the liver instead of other important organs of the whole body?

Why more effect on liver?

Drinking alcohol has a bad effect on the gastric acid present in the stomach. People who drink alcohol excessively, their gastric acid is disturbed, which directly affects the lining inside the stomach. By the way, the liver removes the toxins of the body. But due to vitiated gastric acid, the liver starts storing alcohol in the form of fat. Because of which the stomach of those who drink more alcohol also looks bloated. Gradually, its effect starts falling on the functioning of the stomach and then on the heart as well.

What is the function of liver?

Liver is a part of the digestive tract of our body. Along with being helpful in improving digestion, it also helps in recycling vitamins and hormones. Apart from all this, the liver also removes the toxins growing in the body. Liver also prepares about one liter of bile juice daily. Liver works to regulate sugar, as well as it is also a bank of nutrients to some extent, which releases them when needed. All these functions of the liver are affected by excessive alcohol.

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