This is the unique way to quit smoking, try it once, you will get relief soon

Tobacco and nicotine cause a lot of damage to the lungs as well as other organs of the body. One of the worst things with smokers is that they often make up their mind to quit smoking but it is not possible. People do not have any specific reason to do this, so often they say that they smoke for mental and physical peace. Irrespective of the age, smoking is harmful for anyone. 

Smoking is an addiction which you cannot give up in a day. It suddenly creates craving inside your body. Alcohol is such a thing that can even break your commitment. So if you are addicted to alcohol or cigarette then you have to first realize why you have to quit it? Otherwise, you will never be able to quit.

Make up your mind

Before quitting, make up your mind that no matter what happens now In any case, you have to quit smoking. After this fix a date and then leave this habit with a positive mind. 

Tell your friends that you have quit smoking

Tell people and friends around you that you have quit smoking. This will help you to quit. And if you ever try to drink, he will remind you that you should not drink. Socially, such a decision should be talked about openly so that people also help you. If your friend is also offering you a cigarette, then you have to refuse by being very happy and positive. It should definitely appear that if you are not smoking then you are very sad. Stay away from things that remind you of cigarettes. Keep clean things around you. 

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Change eating habits

Don’t eat at once but take small meals. Eat healthy snacks along with fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink juice  Also keep healthy candies as well as chocolates so that you can keep your cravings calm. 

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article But before implementing, do consult a doctor or related expert. 

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