This man found a way to stay young by swapping his son’s blood

You must have seen a film of Aamir Khan. The name of the film was Dangal. In this, you must have seen Aamir Khan very fat and then in some scenes one day with a fit, strong body. One person but two different body shapes. Surely, diet, exercise and your daily routine play an important role in keeping you young. This process can be called reverse ageing, in which you try to keep yourself young for as long as possible through all kinds of healthy things. The hobby of reverse aging is increasing rapidly and for this a person named Brian Johnson has challenged himself to remain 18 years old through plasma exchange with his son.

Who is Bryan Johnson

Brian lives in America. Age is 45 years. He is a software engineer by profession and is the CEO of a biotech company. Brian wants to look like a young 18 year old instead of aging. He looks like this in the video as well. For this, he spends about 16 crore rupees every year on keeping himself young.

Brian’s Routine, 100 Pills Every Day

Brian Johnson wakes up at 5 in the morning. First thing in the morning, he drinks a smoothie called ‘Green Giant’. In a day, we eat only 1977 calories by measuring. We exercise to digest as much as we eat. There is no processed food of any kind in the food. Brian’s personal doctor is Oliver Joulman. Oliver has a team of 30 doctors who take care of Brian. Brian eats more than 100 pills from morning till evening. These medicines contain minerals, vitamins and medicines to fight diseases. Do 25 exercises throughout the day. Johnson claims that he has reduced his biological age by at least 5 years with this routine.

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5-6 therapies and fat loosing injections every day

Brian takes 5-6 therapies every day. There are more skin therapies in this. To lose fat, that means, take injections to reduce obesity or excess flesh from the body. According to Bloomberg’s report, the team of doctors takes care of him every now and then and monitors him. They have regular MRIs, blood tests and every single organ is monitored. All this is part of their routine process.

now taken plasma from son

Anti aging is a difficult process. According to Bloomberg’s report, Brian Johnson has taken his son’s plasma through blood exchange in Dallas last month. Brian has given his plasma to his father. This process is also shown in the video linked above. It has been named Tri Generational Blood Swapping Treatment. Brian has taken plasma from young people before also but this time he has taken plasma from his son.

Watch Brian’s full video here

This technique of changing blood is discussed all over the world. This process of plasma exchange took place on 3 April. Brian has released its photos on his Instagram and shared the video of this entire process on YouTube with his father and his son. In his passion to stay young forever, Johnson runs a project called Blueprint. This is part of the Blueprint anti-ageing initiative, which encourages his followers to regularly measure their weight, body mass index, body fat, blood glucose levels and stay healthy.

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