This serious kidney disease is happening due to increasing heat, these symptoms start appearing on the body

The condition of the people in North India is bad due to the heat. But due to this heat, the condition of the kidney of the people is getting worse. Especially the poor people working as laborers are becoming victims of dehydration. In this disease, most of the laborers are people who work on the road all day in the middle of this scorching heat and feed their stomach. Recent research has revealed that the risk of kidney stones increases significantly during summer. That’s why it is necessary to follow some special precautions. 

Dehydration victim

Once the problem starts in the kidney, then it becomes a problem again and again. produces. It is a very important part of our body. Which cleans the dirt of the whole body. The month of June-July is not good for our kidneys. Due to lack of water in the body, kidney stones gradually start forming. 

Urinary tract infection

For your information tell That in the last two months the number of stone patients has increased a lot. The number of patients of urinary tract infection and kidney failure has increased. Due to increasing temperature, the number of prostate cancer in the elderly has also increased. That’s why the doctor has advised to drink plenty of water. The number of stone patients has increased by 30 per cent in the last two months. 

Kidney problems

Due to the rise in temperature, the body is much more Sweat comes out. A lot of sweating starts coming out of our body. There is 60 percent water in the body. When 30 percent of the water starts decreasing in the cell, there is a complaint of dehydration. 

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Toilet infection

Toilet infection due to heat. In which small particles of oxalate, phosphate, urate, uric acid and amino acids start accumulating in the kidney. Women are more prone to urinary tract infections than men. 

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