This test will reveal where fat is stored in the body.

Through diet, we store a lot of carbohydrates and glucose in the body. All these things are very important for the body because they provide energy to the body. If you consume too much fat through diet, it also accumulates in the liver and kidneys of the body. Which is harmful to our body. Today we will only talk about the fat accumulated in the body. In fact, recently a machine has appeared that will easily tell you in which part of your body fat is accumulated.

This special test will help you find out where your body fat is stored.

A fecal fat test measures the amount of fat in your stool. Doctors can easily determine how much fat is in your body by the concentration of fat found in your stool. How much fat does your body absorb during digestion? Changes in stool consistency and odor can indicate that your body is not absorbing as much fat as it should.

body composition analysis machine

The price of the body composition analyzer is around Rs 25 lakh. With this device, you can easily check the amount of fat, protein balance, water content, and muscles in your body. It will check 70 parameters. The best thing about this machine is that it sends the report within 2 minutes of the test. According to experts, if obesity is detected in any part of the body, it will be treated and cured. Free testing is being done with this machine.

fat freezing

Fat freezing, technically called cryolipolysis, is used to reduce fat in certain areas of the body. With this machine, you can reduce fat from your arms, thighs, stomach, and hips. This process freezes fat cells by exposing them to cold temperatures, causing the cells to naturally break down. The dead fat cells are then destroyed naturally inside the body.

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