To lose weight, eat this flour bread, obesity will reduce

Weight Loss Roti: People who are dieting for weight loss stop eating roti completely, but this is wrong. Not eating roti for a long time affects health. In such a situation, if you feel that eating wheat bread increases weight, then you can eat roti made from other flour instead. There are many types of flour available in the market, whose roti helps in reducing instead of increasing weight. You can eat roti made of millet, multi grain, jowar, bran flour or ragi flour. By eating this type of flour, weight is reduced. Know their benefits.

1- Multigrain roti- People who pay attention to diet and food nowadays prefer to eat roti of multigrain flour instead of wheat. Many types of grains are found in it. Chickpea flour is also added to multigrain flour. Which helps in reducing weight. If you eat gram flour mixed with your daily wheat flour or multigrain flour, then it also controls blood sugar and increases nutritional value.

2- Millet roti- You can include millet roti in your diet to lose weight. It contains 97 calories and does not feel hungry for a long time after eating. Eating millet roti helps in weight control. Bajra roti is rich in fiber and vitamins. Eating it improves cholesterol level. Bad cholesterol is reduced and good cholesterol increases.

3- Bran bread- Wheat flour contains a lot of bran. This bran is made from the upper golden peel of wheat. That is why some people grind the flour finely and use it after sifting. On sifting, the husk ie bran gets separated from the flour. But to be thin, you should eat only breads of bran flour. Eating bread made of bran flour gives many health benefits. It contains high fiber which removes constipation. This flour contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E and B complex. Apart from reducing weight, eating roti made from bran flour does not cause problems of heart diseases, cholesterol and sugar.

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4- Barley-gram bread- To reduce obesity and keep the body fit, you should eat rotis made of barley-gram flour instead of wheat. For this type of flour, make a ratio of 10 kg gram and 2 kg barley and grind it. By eating rotis made from this flour, fewer calories will be stored in the body and your weight will be reduced quickly.

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