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Try a Homemade Sugar Scrub for a Shaved Head That’s Super Smooth and Clean

If your proud bald dome is prone to flaking, oiliness, blemishes, or is just in need of a nice, stimulating scrub, you can always consider a sugar scrub. Exfoliating, moisturizing and stimulating to the skin, you can use it in the shower on your head, face and body. For bald heads, it gives a deep clean before shaving and a fine polish afterwards. You cannot imagine how soft, smooth and shiny it can make your bald head.

A sugar scrub is mostly regular white table sugar. Put some in a sealable container, and add some glycerin and oil. The oil can be sweet almond, apricot seed, jojoba or just grape seed or olive oil in your kitchen. Don’t worry too much about quantities. Just use a little more oil than glycerin, and enough to make a slightly thick paste. This is a sugar scrub, and you can use it as it is, but it is better if you add some other ingredients to it.

You can add some Vitamin E oil, which can be easily obtained in a bottle, or by squeezing it out of some Vitamin E gel capsules. Vitamin C crystals are another possibility.

A few drops of essential oils will give your sugar scrub a pleasant scent along with other benefits. You may want to add aromatherapy to your scrub, to increase the cleansing or moisturizing abilities of your scrub, and to make it slightly antiseptic. There’s really no limit to the essential oil combinations you can try. Do some reading, and ask for advice at your local health food store or wherever you get essential oils. Essential oils are very potent, and when using them, whether alone or combined, you need to take precautions to avoid any unexpected skin reactions.

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You can also add powdered spices, such as cinnamon or ginger, cocoa or whatever you like. These things can potentially make a mess when used, so they are best used exclusively in the shower.

Store your sugar scrub in a sealable container and keep it dry. The grease will settle over time, but this is easily fixed with a quick stir.

For a great head shave, use your sugar scrub in the shower. After a quick rinse, either turning off the water or getting out from under it, take a sugar scrub on your fingers and spread it over your head. Massage it gently into your scalp. Small circular motions work best and feel great. Make sure to go around your ears, the back of your neck, and the base of your skull. Any place where dirt gets trapped. In a couple of minutes the sugar will start dissolving on its own. You will feel the layer of oil on your scalp. Simply lather up, and enjoy one of the smoothest shaves ever. After shaving, you can also give your scalp another scrub. Circular rubbing will not only feel good and stimulate your scalp, it will also help you find rough spots in need of a touch-up shave.

Wash your scalp with soap and water, towel dry and finally run your hands over your silky-smooth head.

Most likely you will want to take your time and be more thorough on that last step.

Source by Les Campbell

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