Two-thirds of veterans are grappling with mental health challenges

NEARLY two-thirds of veterans face mental health issues and more than half are left without adequate treatment plans.

A study of 1,000 former military personnel found that 48 percent had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. health condition such as anxiety, depressioneither Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Nearly Half of Veterans Open to Trying Medical Cannabis TherapyCredit: AFP
One in four veterans has difficulty leaving home due to mental health issues

One in four respondents feel so affected that they find it difficult to leave the house, find work or maintain romantic relationships.

And half have experienced a change in personality since returning from service.

But a quarter feel they are not receiving adequate support from their parents. GPwhile 42 percent believe there is not enough mental health Support available in the UK.

Afterwards, 42 percent of veterans are left with feelings of hopelessness and despair.

The research was commissioned by the Curaleaf Clinic ahead of Armed Forces Day on Saturday, June 29.

Dr Simon Erridge, Director of Medical Research cannabis clinic, said: “We want to shed light on the importance of mental health issues within the veteran community and remind those struggling that there are alternatives.

“We have a growing number of military veterans suffering from serious illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety and depression.”

When looking at treatment options, the research found that 60 percent expressed a preference for avoiding prescription medications.

While 45 percent are interested in exploring medical cannabis as an alternative therapy.

Charlie Mason, former Royal Air Force One member of the organization said: “After being wounded in Iraq and trapped in a cycle of debilitating opioid use, my life was a nightmare of pain, hallucinations and immobility.

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“Opioids destroyed my mind and increased my PTSD.”

“Since switching to medical cannabis, a weight has been lifted: I have found that my pain and PTSD have improved.

“I now have a seemingly normal life: I can walk, function and control my anger and conflicts. I have been given a lifeline.”

Dr Erridge, from the Curaleaf Clinic, which offers free consultations to veterans across the UK, added: “The lack of adequate support for these people is one of the many reasons we are dedicated to researching the effects of cannabis. medicinal in mental health.

“We look forward to offering support to those suffering from chronic illnesses, as well as informing about guidelines and regulations to allow medical cannabis to be prescribed in the National Health Service for appropriate patients in the future.”

Heroes who need better mental health treatmentCredit: The Sun
Members of the Armed Forces joined veterans of the Normandy landings to witness the opening of the National Memorial Arboretum in StaffordshireCredit: The Sun

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