What are the symptoms of diabetic gastroparesis?

Diabetic Gastroparesis: This is a problem that mainly occurs in diabetic patients. This “Delayed gastric emptying” Also known as. It is a disorder of the digestive system, due to which food stays in the stomach for a long time and due to this, the problem of indigestion begins. Due to this disease, blood sugar levels in the body also become uncontrolled. If you want to stay safe from this disease, contact the doctor immediately as soon as you notice any change in your health condition.


Let us know the symptoms, causes and treatment of diabetic gastroparesis.



Symptoms of diabetic gastroparesis



The symptoms of diabetic gastroparesis can be minor or severe, including:


  • nausea


  • indigestion



  • swelling problem


  • loss of appetite


  • Suddenly blood rising and falling sugar levels



  • acid reflux



Causes of diabetic gastroparesis



  • Gastroparesis is more common in people who diabetes There is a problem. If your blood glucose level is high, it can damage your nerves. Chronically high blood sugar also damages blood vessels, which Body Provides nutrition and oxygen to the nerves and organs of the brain, including the vagus and digestion The mechanism causing diabetic gastroparesis is also involved.


  • People with gastroparesis also experience damage to the vagus nerve, which disrupts nerve function and digestion. Diabetic gastroparesis is difficult to diagnose. The incidence of gastroparesis ranges from 27 to 58 percent of people with type 1 diabetes and about 30 percent of people with type 2 diabetes.
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Risks of diabetic gastroparesis



Risk of developing gastroparesis in women with diabetes High There is a risk. Besides diabetes, other diseases and conditions can cause gastroparesis, such as:


  • viral infection


  • Acid reflux disease



Other illnesses can cause symptoms of gastroparesis, including:


  • Parkinson’s disease


  • chronic pancreatitis


  • cystic fibrosis



  • Turner syndrome



Diagnosis of diabetic gastroparesis



The doctor may perform certain tests depending on the symptoms, such as:



  • barium x-ray


  • barium steak meal


  • gastric radioisotope


  • gastric manometry


  • wireless mobility capsule


  • electrogastrography


  • ultrasound


  • upper endoscopy




Treatment of diabetic gastroparesis



Although there is no cure for diabetic gastroparesis so far, you can treat this disease based on its symptoms.


see the doctor regularly blood sugar test Keep doing it.


Also talk to your doctor about whether to stop or change medications that may cause gastroparesis.


People with gastroparesis should eat foods high in fiber and fat because they take longer to digest:


  • raw Food ingredient


  • fiber-rich fruits and vegetables like broccoli


  • fortified dairy products, such as milk and ice cream


  • fizzy drinks



There is no cure for diabetic gastroparesis. This is an old situation. However, it can be successfully managed through dietary changes, medications, and proper blood sugar control. But for this, you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle and continue to get checked by the doctor regularly and follow his advice.

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