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What is a biopsy test and how is it done? Does cancer spread after this test?

‘Biopsy Test’ Hearing the name of this test, any person definitely gets scared for a moment. By the way, biopsy test is done to check cancer and how much percent cancer has spread in the body. Biopsy is used for examination and diagnosis of many organs including brain, skin, bones, lungs, heart, liver, kidney.

What happens in a biopsy test?

Under the biopsy test, cells in which there is a suspicion of cancer, some tissues are removed and a special test is done in the lab. If certain symptoms are visible in the body, then in such a situation the doctor sends the tissues to the lab for biopsy examination.

Why is biopsy test necessary to detect cancer?

Biopsy tests are considered more effective for cancer detection because these are the tests that can differentiate between cancerous tissues and non-cancerous tissues. Other tests like imaging, CT scan, MRI can also detect the disease but biopsy is considered best for cancer.

How is the biopsy test done?

Biopsy test is done when there is a suspicion of a serious disease like cancer. In such a situation, biopsy test is the best. Doctors also do this test so that the condition of cancer can be detected and the process of chemotherapy can be started.

Cancer starts spreading in the body after biopsy?

Doctors recommend biopsy to identify whether the cause of persistent swelling and pain in the body is cancer. At the same time, the patient gets very scared in the name of biopsy. They feel that this may spread more cancer. Nothing like this happens, it is just a myth. Many people think that infection will spread through biopsy, but this is absolutely wrong. Nothing like this happens, nowadays technology is so advanced that nothing happens with such minor surgery.

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Can a biopsy tell the stage of cancer?

Doctors say that the stage of cancer cannot be known by biopsy. But to an extent you get information about how much the cancer has spread. With this, you can run its medicine accordingly. Biopsy therapy can be used to introduce drugs that target cancer genes and proteins. Along with this, through biopsy, you can find out how dangerous or advanced the cancerous tumor is. This can be easily detected by biopsy.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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