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What is enlarged clitoris disease? This only happens to women…

There is no fixed size for a woman’s clitoris. But if it increases excessively, it may be due to specific medical conditions. Many reasons can be responsible for an enlarged clitoris. The clitoris is just above the urethra. Urine exits from here into the body. Clitoral enlargement has been termed as a problem in medical science.

Often, if such a problem is observed in a little girl or a newborn, one should immediately contact the doctor. Sometimes this can be due to a serious illness. Yeast infection, allergic infection and many other reasons may be present. Hormonal imbalance is also responsible. The level of male hormone androgen has significantly increased in the body of every woman. Apart from this, this problem can also occur due to diseases such as PCOS or adrenal gland tumor.

There are many reasons responsible for an enlarged clitoris.

Clitoral enlargement can occur for many reasons. For this reason, burning and itching may also occur. If an enlarged clitoris is due to an allergy, you might face problems such as burning sensation, rashes, and itching. If someone is facing the problem of hormonal imbalance, then one must see that it is because of PCOS that period problems arise.

Special tips to avoid clitoral enlargement

If you want to avoid clitoral enlargement, special measures will need to be taken. For this, many surgical treatments are used. We often try to cure it with an ointment. But there are certain myths in people’s minds about this, which are very important to eliminate in time. In today’s time, it is necessary to talk about it openly because many people do not know what is the true meaning of fitness?

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If you are afraid to talk about this topic at home, you can consult a good doctor about this so that you do not face any problems.

Disclaimer: Some information in news stories is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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