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What is fibroid, its causes, symptoms and treatment – GoMedii

Fibroids are lumps (cysts) in a woman’s uterus. In common parlance, it is also called uterine mass. The size of fibroids can be as small as a pearl or as large as a musk melon. The clear reason why this happens is not yet known. Certain things can be linked to fibroids. Like the effect of hormones and heredity, that is, a family member can be affected. The problem of fibroids is a very common problem among women. This problem mainly occurs in women aged 35 to 50 years old. 99% of them are cancerous. There is nothing more worrying than that.


Fibroids in the uterus can appear inside the uterus, in the lining of the uterus, or outside. When the size of fibroids increases, abdominal pain and menstruation (Menstruation) Excessive bleeding begins. Some people have no problems despite having fibroids.




Causes of fibroids







estrogen (Estrogen) And called progesterone hormones (harmonies) ovary Are made. every month due to hormones Uterus A layer forms. Due to which menstruation occurs. These hormones also become the cause of fibroid formation during the formation of these layers.




Genetic family reasons




  • If your grandmother, grandmother, mother or sister has a problem with fibroids, there is a good chance that you will have them too.


  • pregnancy


  • The secretion of the hormones estrogen and progesterone increases during pregnancy. Therefore, the possibility of having fibroids also increases at these times.


  • obesity


  • weight Due to its excess, the risk of fibroids forming in the uterus also increases. The reason is wrong type of eating habits physical There may also be a lack of activity and the wrong type of routine.
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Symptoms of fibroids





The symptoms that appear due to fibroids depend on their location, size and number. If the fibroids are very small and few in number, there is no problem and menopause (Menopause) After that, it shrinks and disappears on its own. But if the fibroids increase, these problems can arise.




  • Heavy bleeding which may include clots during or between periods.
  • stomach pain below the navel or Back Lower back pain.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Waves of pain during menstruation.
  • sex Pain during sexual intercourse.




How to detect fibroid symptoms




If these symptoms appear, examinations should be carried out by a doctor specializing in women. After examination, if they suspect the presence of a lump, i.e. a fibroid in the uterus, the doctor ultrasound (Ultrasound) may be requested.




Ultrasound (ultrasound) reveals the correct position of the uterus. We also know where, how many and what size the fibroids are located.Ultrasound is done in two ways in the first general way stomach is done from the top and the other Vagina This is done from the inside, what we call transvaginal ultrasound. The condition of fibroids is revealed more clearly by ultrasound performed inside the vagina. Because the machine is thus able to get closer to the uterus.


By doing an ultrasound scan as per the doctor’s advice, what type of treatment should be given. Apart from this, an MRI, X-ray or CT scan (CT scan) may be advised as needed.

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Effects of fibroid




Although fibroids do not cause any harm, in some cases they can cause serious problems. who is like that




  • due to excessive bleeding Body There may be anemia.


  • Stomach pain and swelling can cause a lot of problems.



  • Pain may be felt when having a bowel movement.


  • Premature birth, miscarriage, or problems during delivery may occur.


  • There may be difficulty in conceiving a child due to deterioration in the shape of the uterine wall due to fibroids.


  • In very rare cases, fibroids can become cancerous.





Treatment of fibroids



If there are no problems with fibroids, no treatment is usually necessary. Even if you can manage minor bleeding, you may not take any treatment.


After menopause, the pain it causes decreases and sometimes disappears completely. But if the problem is serious, then it becomes necessary to seek treatment.


age of fibroid treatment, physical The location is decided based on the size of the fibroids, their number and their position. It is possible that fibroids can be cured with certain medications, otherwise an operation may be necessary.


There are many types of operations. In which fibroids are removed using machines without any incision. Laser It is destroyed by laser.


If treatment is not possible, the uterus must be removed. In this situation, the possibility of becoming a mother is eliminated. During this operation, the doctor decides whether the ovaries should be removed or not, depending on the patient’s condition and needs.

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These types of questions can be asked to the doctor in case of fibroids. By understanding their responses, it becomes easier to decide what needs to be done now. Take medication or have surgery.




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