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high grade cancer (High-grade cancers There is a disease that has four stages. The fourth stage of this disease is considered very dangerous. According to WebMD, a group that provides detailed information on tumors, for most cancers there are stages I through IV, with stage IV being the most dangerous. Cancer stages are divided into A and B. In high-grade cancers, the cells appear different from normal cells. This is a disease whose effects increase rapidly. Compared to low-grade cancer, high-grade cancer is treated in different ways. Whereas in low-grade cancers, the cancer cells resemble normal tissue.




high grade cancer stage



0 Step: In this situation, the cells appear to be in a normal state, meaning there is no cancer.


First stage: In the first stage, the cancer is small and localized in one place. This stage is also called the initial stage of cancer.


Second and third step:


In this condition, the cancer begins to grow and spreads through the tissues or lymph nodes It’s starting to spread.


Step four: This is the most dangerous stage of cancer. Cancer at this stage Body Spreads to other organs. It is also called advanced or metastatic cancer. American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society) According to the , staging is the process of determining how far the cancer has spread and where in a person’s body. This is how the doctor determines the stage of a person’s cancer.




Symptoms of cancer


In the initial stage of cancer, the patient does not even know that he has cancer, it begins to spread very silently inside the body. In most patients, cancer symptoms begin to appear in the second or third stage. Many symptoms of cancer can appear, but often they are not detected until stages one to three.

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  • Equality skin changes or unbearable pain
  • change in the shape of the breast or nipple
  • breast changes in skin texture
  • Skin Bump under the (this bump can also be benign)
  • terrible cough that doesn’t go away
  • stomach confusion in the intervals of
  • severe pain when urinating
  • loss of appetite
  • discomfort during or after eating food
  • Difficulty swallowing food
  • weightloss
  • stomach ache
  • night sweats for no reason
  • from different parts of the body blood discharge of
  • blood in urine
  • cough up blood
  • bleeding from the anus
  • feeling tired without exercise


Keep in mind that all these symptoms can occur in a cancer patient and can also be due to a benign tumor or any other disease. If a person has these symptoms, they should be diagnosed by a doctor immediately so that treatment can be carried out on time. Could be able. Usually, pain is not felt in the early stages of cancer. If these symptoms appear, do not wait until you feel pain before seeking medical attention.





Difficult also for doctors




In people who have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer, it is very difficult for the doctor to know where the cancer started. The longer treatment is delayed, the more the situation becomes uncontrollable. In this stage of cancer, treatment is quite intensive.




Where does metastasized cancer spread first?


Once the tumor bursts, this cancer first spreads throughout the body through the blood. bone (Bones) as prey. After this cancer lungsspreads to the liver and brain. After that, this tumor UterusBladder, Large Intestine and Brain bone (Brain bones) Turns towards.

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