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What is the kissing disease because of which a British student had to be admitted to the hospital, know his fate

Kissing disease: the world right now corona virus India has not been able to fully recover from the ravages caused by the disease and the kissing disease has now sounded alarm bells in many countries. Many countries including Britain are under threat of Glanduer fever i.e. kissing disease. This infectious disease caused by contact with a person’s saliva becomes the cause of glandular fever. In Britain, a student infected with this virus has been admitted to the hospital. Tell us what this disease is and what are its symptoms.

What is kissing disease?
Kissing disease is spread in humans by a virus called Epstein Barr. After that, this disease infects another person through the saliva of the infected person. In addition to kissing, coughing and sneezing, this virus also spreads the infection by eating with a spoon, smoking a single cigarette, drinking water from a glass and drinking something through a straw.

Symptoms of Kissing Disease

When the kissing disease virus enters the body, the first change observed is in the throat. There is a feeling of cough, sore throat and tonsils. The person starts to feel sore throat and he contracts glandular fever. In this fever, the glands in the throat swell. After this, the person starts vomiting and sweating frequently.

Apart from high fever, rashes on the body, pain in the head and body, loss of appetite and liver pain are also its symptoms. This disease is called kissing disease because it enters the body through saliva.

Effect of kissing disease
Kissing disease affects the liver the most. This virus affects the liver the most. Due to this, liver failure and hepatitis can also occur. In such situations, doctors advise people to abstain. This disease can be avoided by maintaining hygiene and following other precautions.

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