What is the science in the tongue, on seeing which doctors understand the disease? you also know

Health Tips : The initial symptoms of disease in our body are already visible on many organs. Whenever you are sick and reach the doctor, they first check your tongue. Have you ever wondered why doctors see the tongue first. If not, then let us tell you the answer to this question. Actually, doctors find out from the tongue that what disease you have. The changes seen in the tongue are the symptoms of which disease?

How is the disease identified by the tongue?

1. Whitening of the tongue

If the color of the tongue is white or white spots are seen on it, then it should be understood that these can be signs of yeast infection. The tongue of those who consume tobacco often turns white. Light white tongue can be a symptom of anemia.

2. Black spots on the tongue

If there is a black spot on the tongue, then it can be the cause of bacterial or fungal infection. The color of the tongue turns black even after taking iron tablets in excess. Its signals are found through the tongue.

3. Redness of the tongue

Red color of the tongue can be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency in the body. Sometimes the red color of the tongue can also be a symptom of infection and fever. If this happens, a doctor should be seen.

4. Sticking to Hair

Sometimes it also seems that something like hair has stuck on the tongue. It can be white, black or brown in appearance. This happens when the protein makes the lumps of the tongue striped. There is a danger of bacteria getting trapped in it, which can harm the health.

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