What problem will there be if you wear a half-kilo AC jacket all day? Will your body start to hurt?

AC jacket : Haryana Traffic Police will now stay cool even in summer. They are given AC jackets, which will keep them cool even in the scorching heat. This cooling jacket was given to Gurugram Police personnel (Gurugram Traffic Police AC Jacket). It is said that with this jacket they will be able to avoid problems and fatigue caused by heat stress during the summer season.

The biggest feature of this jacket is that it maintains temperature for 8 hours. The weight of this jacket is 500 grams, or half a kilo, which also raises some questions. For example, how difficult can it be to do your job while wearing such a heavy jacket, can it also cause body pain?

How does an AC jacket work?
The weight of this police AC jacket is said to be half a kilo. The jacket is made in two parts. Ice skates were installed in the first part, which are frozen in the freezer and then stored in the jacket. The second part is the upper part, in which two fans have also been installed as well as a Type-C charger, which works by connecting to the phone’s power bank. These jackets are based on PCM technology. Due to which they can maintain a temperature as low as 15 degrees Celsius.

What problems can an AC jacket cause?
Currently, the AC jacket is only used on an experimental basis. According to media reports, wearing it also poses many challenges. The jacket being heavy, the body can tire quickly. Its layers of snow can melt quickly. After freezing in the freezer, it can be used for two to two and a half hours.

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For refreezing, you will need a freezer, which is not easy to take on the road. Additionally, only the upper part of the body may remain cold due to the AC jacket, which may disrupt the body temperature balance and lead to many health problems.

What do the police say
Gurugram Police Zonal Officer Harphool Singh said “suggestions will be sought from senior officials regarding this jacket”. Its biggest problem is weight. At the same time, if the Burk Pad melts, you will also have to think about where to put it back. He believes that “the jacket will make half the body cold and the other half hot, which can be very harmful.”

Disclaimer: Some information in news stories is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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