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The human liver does many things related to eating and drinking, and along with it, it also does other things in the body, such as taking out harmful substances from the blood, all those present in liver food. Nutrients For example, by separating vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants etc., they reach the organs according to the need of the body.

If liver infection If it happens, it definitely affects the whole body and the most effect is on the digestive system, so care should be taken about eating and drinking, do not consume such things that can harm the liver or any other part of the body. To keep the liver completely healthy, one should not eat spicy and oily food.

Often after a liver infection, it may take a few weeks to months for symptoms to appear. We do not see any symptoms until the function of the liver is disturbed. The following symptoms can be seen when there is an infection in the liver.

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Pain in upper right side of abdomen.
  • Weakness and fatigue.
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin).
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Getting fever

  • Feeling bloated.

What to eat in liver infection?

  • oatmealOatmeal is rich in fiber which is very beneficial for the liver. Apart from helping in liver infection, it also helps in reducing your weight and helps in burning fat from the body.
  • coffee: Consumption of coffee also helps in liver infection. It supplies essential nutrients to the body and also helps in preventing infection.
  • Water: Water is very important for our body and it helps us to get many harmful substances out of the body. Drinking enough water keeps both your body and liver healthy. Drink plain water and avoid other beverages like cold drinks, soda etc., especially when you liver infection are battling with
  • Turmeric: Turmeric has been used for centuries in many diseases. Along with the internal organs of your body, it also keeps the external organs of the body healthy. You can also use turmeric whenever you have liver infection problem. If you want, you can drink it by mixing it in light hot milk and eat it in food too. In this antibacterial properties There are which can prove to be very effective in liver infection.
  • GingerGinger has many anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. inflammatory properties are found. It helps in blood flow and cholesterol functioning in your body and keeps your body healthy. It is also helpful in keeping the liver healthy and increasing its capacity.
  • green teaLike coffee, green tea is also beneficial for your liver. In this antioxidants are found and they also help in keeping the liver clean. Apart from protecting the liver from infection, it also helps in managing your weight, which ultimately benefits your body.
  • sprouts: Sprouts or sprouted seeds like grains Gram, moong, moth, walnut etc. keep your body healthy. Apart from protein, other nutrients are also found in them, which are essential for your health. liver infection are useful for correcting.
  • Egg: Egg consumption is very beneficial in liver infection. protein in eggs and amino acids Contain that help in the removal of toxins from the liver. Egg yolk contains a coenzyme called choline, which removes harmful and toxic substances from the liver.
  • Lemon: Use of lemon can prove to be very beneficial in liver infection. It also corrects digestion. It should be used with lukewarm or hot water. it from our liver Toxic substances Removes toxins and helps us to keep the liver healthy.
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